Accountants Institute to train Registered Qualified Accountants to support ‘Belt and Road’

In conjunction with the successful conclusion of The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the Accountants Institute conducted a Press Conference at the Beijing University of Science and Technology on 19th of May to announce its maiden entry into China for the provision of training of Registered Qualified Accountants to support the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the press conference, George Thomas, chairman of the Accountants Institute, mentioned that the current rapid development of the world economy faces great challenges. The Belt and Road Initiatives which is an economy development strategy suggested by China, enables the realisation of globalisation of economy, with multi development trends that will be able to promote a higher degree of market integration with a deeper dimension of cooperation. David Liu, director of the Accountants Institute China office, added that local accounting training standards can be further enhanced and more qualified global accounting professionals is required. The Belt and Road Initiative provided Chinese accounting industry and professionals the great opportunity for internationalisation.

The Accountants Institute will be working closely with Chinese tertiary institutions and training providers across China to provide learners with convenient access to the Registered Qualified Accountants qualification training.

Ewan Tracy, subject leader for accounting and finance at the University of Northampton, explained that the UK has one of the most developed systems of professional qualifications. The British qualifications and credits framework allows transfer of credits from Accountants Institute professional qualifications onto academic programmes such as Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in various universities including the University of Northampton, thereby facilitating learners’ progression for further studies and achieve substantial savings in cost and time.

The Accountants Institute was established in 2004. It is a modern and progressive professional qualification examination and membership organisation. The Accountants Institute supports and adheres to the standard and spirit of International Federation of Accountants. Its qualifications have been approved and recognised by the Financial Services and Skills Council, Financial Services Partnership and the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

The Accountants Institute and the Professional Business Accountants Society of Canada have in place a mutual recognition agreement. Learners who have successfully completed and passed the Accountants Institute qualification would be able to apply for credit exemption and join as PBA international members.

At the press conference, the Chairman of Accountants Institute George Thomas and the President of Professional Business Accountants Society of Canada Angel Meinecke went on stage to unveil the signboard for the China Office. Membership certificates were also issued to the first batch of fellow members from China.

More than 100 guests attended the press conference including representatives from the Central University of Finance and Economics, People’s University of China, The China National School of Administration, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Language and Culture University, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the China Minsheng Banking Corporation, Golden Concord Holdings Limited, Shanghai Jian Qiao Group, CCTV, Phoenix TV and many other global companies and partners.



New Branding


From the AI Board

Our members may have noticed that we have recently changed the website and branding for the Institute. We took the decision last year to change the logo as we felt it did not truly reflect the corporate strategy.  Over time, it is normal for a business or institution to evolve and adapt to the changes in the market.


We felt that our logo should stay true to the image of our organisation.  Following an exercise that included us asking some members what they considered appropriate our design agency came up with three options that we felt reflected the right message that we wanted to portray.  We hope that you approve of the one we chose and agree that it represents a global perspective for the Institute.


We took the opportunity with the new LOGO to update our website and it is our intention to offer the website in a number of different languages which is in line with our corporate plans of 2015.  We have also made some changes to the qualification levels.


The changes to the qualification titles ensures that our qualifications and titles reflect the levels and areas of specialisations, synchronising with Ofqual and universities qualification recognition policies. Our qualification titles will now begin with the OCF level descriptor and follow with the area of specialisation. Eg: Level 5 Diploma in Accounting.

We are also working to improve on our membership categories to reflect the appropriate level of achievement of our members. After consultation with industry partners and employers, reassessment of the existing membership categories were carried out and leading to the revamped categories which can be found on the membership section.

We are always looking into ways to fine tune our operations to serve our members better.

The old website functionality will be updated and moved to the new one in the near future.

Chairman – George Thomas

Sad news about our COO

Official Announcement – Robert Safaric

Some of you may have heard about the sad death of one of the founders of the AI last year.  Our thoughts have been with his wife Stephanie and his daughter Hannah.  Robert died in the UK in August last year and his death was completely unexpected. Rob was visiting the UK to see the graduation of his daughter but never made it.  He was taken ill and died at the hospital shortly afterwards due to problems with his lungs.

Robert was one of the main drivers of the organisation and had the vision that remains today to help those wanting to better themselves.  He recognised that not everybody has the resources to achieve the desired fiscal skills they seek.  His death came as a complete shock and although there are contingency plans in place for all events, it hit us hard.

His contributions are numerous but suffice to say he was the hub for many ideas.  Rob was managing the revamp of the organisation and taking over this work has not been easy for any of us. We have carried out what Rob started although it has taken longer than expected as Stephanie wanted to manage this assignment herself.  For those of you that met him will know what a nice chap he was and he never had a bad word to say about anybody.  He will be sadly missed.