Level 5

Qualifications in this group provide a number of Core Essential Skills that you can add to those you have gained at Level 4. They are ideally suited to supporting your application to become a Registered Qualified Accounting Technician. These qualifications further enhance your portfolio of skills that you require in order to progress to becoming a Registered Qualified Accountant (RQA).
Learners will be regarded as more senior than those who have completed Level 4 and will be further qualified in aspects of Law, IT, Audit, and Taxation. They may typically find themselves employed in various sized organisations as more experienced junior accountants, perhaps in charge of small departments, or specialising in particular reporting roles. Again, they may be self-employed book-keepers, perhaps employing other book-keepers within their business, and preparing the basic accounts for small businesses and other self-employed persons.

Level Description

Achievement at this level reflects the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address broadly-defined, complex problems. It includes taking responsibility for planning and developing courses of action as well as exercising autonomy and judgement within broad parameters. It also reflects understanding of different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the reasoning behind them.

Unit Title (Exam Code) Credit Value
Information Technology (2.1) 20
Business Law (2.2) 20
Audit (2.3) 20
Taxation (2.4) 20
Total Credit Value: 80

Optional Units:

2.5 Organisational Behaviour (Credit Value 20)
2.6 English for Academic Study II (Credit Value 20)

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