Level 6 – Qualified Accounting Technician

Qualifications in this group provide a number of Core Essential Skills that you can add to those you have gained at Levels 4 and 5. They are ideally suited to supporting your application to become a Registered Qualified Accountant, and will further enhance your portfolio of skills in order to assure your progress towards becoming a Registered Qualified Accountant (RQA).
The Registered Qualified Accountant is a Fully Qualified Accountant operating at the Professional level. They are competently qualified to manage the financial and management aspects of organisations of all sizes. They may typically find themselves employed in large organisations in business critical positions of great importance or working as consultants specialising in all aspects of accounting matters.

Level Description

Achievement at this level reflects the ability to refine and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address complex problems that have limited definition. It includes taking responsibility for planning and developing courses of action that are able to underpin substantial change or development, as well as exercising broad autonomy and judgement. It also reflects an understanding of different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the theories that underpin them.

Unit Title (Exam Code) Credit Value GLH
Advanced Accountancy (3.1) 19 190
Performance Management (3.5) 10 100
Decision Making Management (3.6) 10 100
Risk and Control Management (3.7) 11 110
Total Credit Value: 50 500

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