From the AI Board

Our members may have noticed that we have recently changed the website and branding for the Institute. We took the decision last year to change the logo as we felt it did not truly reflect the corporate strategy.  Over time, it is normal for a business or institution to evolve and adapt to the changes in the market.


We felt that our logo should stay true to the image of our organisation.  Following an exercise that included us asking some members what they considered appropriate our design agency came up with three options that we felt reflected the right message that we wanted to portray.  We hope that you approve of the one we chose and agree that it represents a global perspective for the Institute.


We took the opportunity with the new LOGO to update our website and it is our intention to offer the website in a number of different languages which is in line with our corporate plans of 2015.  We have also made some changes to the qualification levels.


The changes to the qualification titles ensures that our qualifications and titles reflect the levels and areas of specialisations, synchronising with Ofqual and universities qualification recognition policies. Our qualification titles will now begin with the OCF level descriptor and follow with the area of specialisation. Eg: Level 5 Diploma in Accounting.

We are also working to improve on our membership categories to reflect the appropriate level of achievement of our members. After consultation with industry partners and employers, reassessment of the existing membership categories were carried out and leading to the revamped categories which can be found on the membership section.

We are always looking into ways to fine tune our operations to serve our members better.

The old website functionality will be updated and moved to the new one in the near future.

Chairman – George Thomas