Official Announcement – Robert Safaric

Some of you may have heard about the sad death of one of the founders of the AI last year.  Our thoughts have been with his wife Stephanie and his daughter Hannah.  Robert died in the UK in August last year and his death was completely unexpected. Rob was visiting the UK to see the graduation of his daughter but never made it.  He was taken ill and died at the hospital shortly afterwards due to problems with his lungs.

Robert was one of the main drivers of the organisation and had the vision that remains today to help those wanting to better themselves.  He recognised that not everybody has the resources to achieve the desired fiscal skills they seek.  His death came as a complete shock and although there are contingency plans in place for all events, it hit us hard.

His contributions are numerous but suffice to say he was the hub for many ideas.  Rob was managing the revamp of the organisation and taking over this work has not been easy for any of us. We have carried out what Rob started although it has taken longer than expected as Stephanie wanted to manage this assignment herself.  For those of you that met him will know what a nice chap he was and he never had a bad word to say about anybody.  He will be sadly missed.