An agreement has been reached between AI and PBA for mutual recognition of qualification and credits. AI learners / graduates will be able to apply for exemption from the PBA qualification and be awarded the Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC) which is equivalent to our RQA qualification. Our learner would also be eligible to apply for the PBA International Membership of the Society. To qualify as a full PBA Member, learner would have to take an additional 2 units / modules for Canadian Taxation.

PBA Canada was rebranded on January 1, 2015 and was previously known as Registered Public/Professional Accountant – created in Alberta in 1980, Canada in 1984, Atlantic Canada in 1996, Ontario in 2013 and British Columbia in 2014. Their newest addition is the PBA International Chapter in October 2016.
PBA – Professional Business Accountant (Public Business Accountant in Alberta) was trademarked in 2015.